Bankiput is an unexplored virgin sea beach on Bay of Bengal

Bankiput, a pristine golden sand sea beach located in West Bengal, India. The border of this unexplored sea beach is made up by dense casuarina trees. This virgin sea beach is your own island – no speeding cars or panicking crowd. You can get the privacy; can have a wonderful and romantic time with your dear ones. There are many other attractions in this horizon kissing beach. Walk along the lovely beach with your loved ones with hand to hand. It can be the one of the best place for your honeymoon. Do not miss the heavenly sunrise and sunset. Undoubtedly the best private sea beach on the Bay of Bengal.

Dariyapur,which is just 7 kilometers from Bankiput has a fully functional 96 feet high lighthouse. Get into the top of the lighthouse to have a panoramic view of the beautiful landscape and sea. You can give a pose of Titanic keeping the view of sea at background to shoot a photograph. The equipment lights in the lighthouse is a petrol vapor burner, installed in the year 1968, originally an 1881 oil lamp removed from Dwarka lighthouse and renovated at Kolkata. Nearby is the kapalkundala temple. It is believed that the great Bengali poet Bankim Chandra Chottopadhyay has been inspired by this temple to write his novel “kapalkundla”.

Pethuaghat is located on Rasoolpur River, where it meets the sea is around 5 KM from Bankiput. Desharpan fishing harbor is must see in Pethuaghat. You can have a close look of fishing trawlers in this harbor. Fish lovers can buy some fresh as well as dried fishes in this harbor.

How to Reach Bankiput:-

The nearest Airport is Kolkata.
160 Km from Kolkata. Reach and take Junput road from Kontai(Kanthi). From Junput Bus stand take road to Bhagaput and on the halfway slip into Bankiput road.
You can take the following trains from Howrah and reach Kanthi station. You have to hire trekker or private taxi to reach Bankiput.
Train Schedule

Reach Kontai, take shared trekkers till Junput. Frequencies of shared trekkers are very less from Junput to Bankiput. The best option is Bhatbhati, a motorized a local transport.
There are no options in Bankiput other than one two storied Bankiput Beach Resort. The guest house is located in splash green atmosphere behind the casuarina forest. The walking distance of the beach is just 1 minute from the guest house. The guest house has six spacious double bed rooms and one four bed room. The new building ground floor rooms are also ready. It is recommended to do a booking before you reach there.For online reservation of rooms Book Your Room
Mainly Bengali food with lot of verities of sea fish like jumbo prawns, pormfret, bhetki, hilsa. Firm fresh seasonal vegetables are good choices to eat. Few north and south Indian dishes are also available on demand. The guest house does not have a bar, if you are a drinker it is recommended to buy it from Kontai.
October to March is best time to visit Bankiput, however this all-weather tourist spot can be visited round the year. Avoid the rainy season.
1. Sunrise and Sunset 
2. Walk along the beach 
3. Dariyapur Lighthouse 
4. Kapalkundala Temple 
5. Pethuaghat Harbor
6. Red carbs
1. Junput 
2. Mandarmoni 
3. Digha 
4. Tajpur 

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