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Sobujbon- A real green and exotic place near Bolpur Shantiniketan

Posted by on April 14, 2014

This is my 1st post in any travel blog. Please do mercy any mistake……


I started planning for a weekend trip on this Eid weekend (11-12 September). I started my research work on the internet. As we all know all the travel sites become worst at time you want to gather some information about some new places. Earlier, I trusted as it helped me to invent the place Tajpur. This time also I started with this site but it was not really helpful. But the different blogs are really helpful. Thanks to all of those members of all those different blogs, for spending some time to share their experience.


Initially it was suppose to be a family weekend where my parents and in-laws would also join us. Thus, I started searching for a place, where there will be something to see (especially some temple should be there), it should not be full rest but a trip with some activities.


After doing some research, I found Talsari would be a great place for such an trip. I planned accordingly and asked everybody for their views. After some 1-2 hours of discussion, we (me and my wife) found that none of our parents (my mom & her mom – this two are the decider for their respective family) were interested.


My wife is fond of sea beaches thus I stick to my place and contacted OTDC, but it was full (sometime around 5th August, I tried to book). My wife decided not to go for night stay and lets have a single day outing.


I was not ready for that, I researched further. I tried Deul. It was again full. Then I thought about Henry’s Island and the lodge “Sundari”, but electricity is not there and mosquito may become a major issue. Finally I got to know about “Sabuj Ban”. Only I found some photo and very little amount of information (thanks to them for spending sometime to share such information with all).



At around 3:30 PM on that same I got a call from the number, and it was a call from Mr. Abdus Salim (Owner of Sabuj Ban). I checked with him about the availability and all. He clearly explained all my quires and finally he told me the Axis Account Number and asked me to transfer the full room rent.


Rooms’ details are as follow (hopefully I have remembered correctly):

AC 3-bed Cottage (1)      : 1000/-

Double-bed Cottage (2)                : 700/- (each)

Double-bed Cottage (4) [Two rooms are adjacent, i.e., under same roof]              : 700/- (each)

Four-bed Cottage (4) [Two rooms are adjacent, i.e., under same roof]   : 1000/- (each)


***Please don’t trust me especially when it is to remember something [I desperately need Branolia ]


Although, AC was not really required as per the room specification (these are basically hut), I booked AC room. Added his account and transferred the amount 1000/-. I checked with him next week for the same but the response created real panic in me. It was like I am talking to somebody for the first time and checking the availability [This panic was there still I reached Bolpur, then he confirmed me for the first time what kind of booking I have].


Due to excitement, my wife forgot sleep on 10th night (we were going out almost after 6 moths where we will have no responsibilities and no purpose to solve). We started at around 6:45 AM (although we targeted 6:00 AM, but the actual was as expected). There was not much rush in the road except the state run buses.


It was morning of Eid and also early morning, I found no queue in the Dankuni Toll Plaza. After the toll my wife’s baby (our i10 Sportz) started running at a speed of 120-140 Km/hr. I reached Palsit within next 35 minutes. At Saktigarh, we stopped at the dhaba Sefali, all my family members love this dhaba, firstly it has no rush and next, they prepare food as per your test.


We had our breakfast and then we started for Panagarh. From this point onwards the road was unknown to me. NH2 is absolutely in same great condition and I again drove at an speed of 120-140 Km/Hr. Only there was few police petrol at the beginning due to Eid (hundreds of people were crossing the road and they were handling the traffic without any signal). At Panagarh Rail Bridge the road became 2 way without any divider and after more 300 mts, the road condition started deteriorating and also become congested.


After driving at a speed of 30-40 km/hr for 5-6 Km, we reached Darjeeling More. Although my friend told me here I should get a very big hotel/motel at the road side, which will be the land mark for the place, unfortunately, we were not able to locate the same.




We took the right turn to take the road for Suri and drove up to Illambazar. Here the road has been divided into two parts, where you have to take the right one for Bolpur [There is no landmark/direction-board. Also there was a NO-ENTRY Board as well to make you more confused]. This time the road condition was much bad but still you can drive at a speed of 80-90 Km/Hr, but you have to be more careful.


From Panagarh to Bolpur, the road-side really nice as it is almost like a jungle but we had a bad fear of Maoist back in our mind.


From Bolpur, you need to ask people about the direction (I can not right so many left-right turns). It is better to ask “Panchsoa Road” as Sabuj Ban is at that road (Also everybody knows about Sabuj Ban). We gathered this information from Mr. Abdus after reaching Bolpur. He also requested us to collect all the other requirements (he meant “moad”) from Bolpur as the same was not available there.


This time on the both side of the road it was full of “Dhan Khet” with lots of white “Kashful”. Last 2 Kms is “Moram” (clay) road.




We finally reached Sabuj Ban at 11:20 AM. There was a person sitting at the gate, selling entry passes. He asked us whether we have a booking or not and then allowed us to go in without any entry fees (He also not checked the booking details).


There was another Tata Indica Car (Delhi registration, later we came to know it belongs to Mr. Abdus), I parked my car just behind it and get down to the office. Very surprisingly it was not office but the home of Mr. Abdus where nobody was there and all fans were running. My wife became very angry with such wastage of electricity (she is very environment conscious except consuming food).


After 2-3 mins hide and seek, we approached the man at the gate. One of his “sagred/chela” (subordinate) took us to the dinning place by the back of the home crossing the wall by a pond. There we found Mr. Budhyadeb (called as Budhya) who as per us the manager of the place took us to our cottage.




It was hot and humid, we were also very tired for last 15 mins’ searching and walking activity, we immediately switch on the AC. Budhya gave us his contact number for room-service (I felt great, what an Idea…). It was almost 1 Km of walking from dinning to cottage.


Everything except the floor was made of wooden. From bed to doors, chair to table each and everything is made of wooden. Newly married couples (especially arranged marriage couple), if you are not still very much free with each other, be care full of the washroom. It was a sliding door made of wood. A lock is also there which is of no use. And maximum possibility, ladies will not be able to close the door as the sliding channel is also wooden which is not ready to move easily.


After 10-15 mins Budhya again came and provided us a bottle of cold-water (through out our stay cold water was provided) and some “Simoye” preparation as the “prasad” of Eid. Within next 30 mins we switched off the AC as it was too cold. Then raining started and we need to switch off the fan and also after taking bath I had to take the blanket (initially we laughed a lot to see that blanket in this hot humid weather). My wife told me we are the looser of Rs 300/- (writing Rs as still I don’t have our rupee symbol).




Budhya called us for lunch and we reached the dinning place. Again everything was of wooden. Even they cook in “kather anch” (oven made of clay and fire by wood-sticks). We had our lunch as follow:

•             Salad

•             Bagun Bhaja

•             Dal

•             Aloo-potol-er torkari

•             Aloo posto

•             Charapona macher jhol

•             Khejurer chatni

•             Papar


Foods are on meal system and everything was absolutely simple and testy. Meals’ prices are as below:


Mach Meal         : 90/-

Magso Meal (Chicken)   : 110/-

Dim Meal             : 80/- (I am not sure)

Veg Meal             : I forgot to ask


After the lunch, we came to our room for rest. As it was Eid and the park is open for everybody, lots of children started coming and they were shouting all through the noon. This was the only disturbance we faced during this 2 days visit to this place. At around 4:30 PM we had our evening tea. Then we started exploring the place. There is a small “adda khana” made of wood over a pond. Various kinds of trees (sorry, I have got very little knowledge about trees, only I can enjoy their beauties) are there. It is enough big and very well maintained. We approached the nearby Ajoy River. As it was sunset time and there was not a single person around, I felt bit scary without any reason and my wife was very upset with that.





We had lots of photo sessions with our (oops! My father-in-law’s, which we have kidnapped) Handy and Digi Cam (Both of us still doing lots of savings to buy a DSLR) for one and half hour with some fresh air and eye-soothing green “dhan khet”. We returned back to our cottage and had another cup of tea with some snacks which my wife has brought with us.


We sat outside our cottage for an hour. There was another couple in the next cottage and a “jethu“(old person) at the cottage at the other side. This old person slept through out the day (I was feeling great looking at him).


Then we (me and my wife) had almost 2 hours of chatting without any reasonable topic (this is something we missed ever since we have joined service and more specifically after marriage). After this I made the greatest mistake that I had always made, I slept when she was discussing puja plan. I woke up after 20-30 mins (I believe) and found she was not there in the room. I became panic and started searching her in the whole area. Something that made me scarier that the torch was also not there. After 5 -10 mins, I heard her sound from our wash room. As usual I apologized in front of her, but this time she readily did the mercy [For this I will thank SABUJ BAN through out my life time].


At around 9:30 PM, Budhya again came and requested us to come to the “adda khana” where we will have our Dinner. As it was Eid, we served Fried Rice and Chili Chicken (although it was Polao and Chicken Curry). The test was good and also simple. With this Chatni, Papad, Sweet was also there.


After the dinner, we had a walk in the garden and also had a look into our baby (car), we went for sleeping at around 11:00 PM (At least after a decade, we went to bed so early).


Next morning I woke up at 6:30 AM. After completing morning duties, I left the cottage for some more photos. At around 7:15 AM returned back and Budhya served us the morning tea with biscuit. After completing our morning tea, we explored the other part of the place. During breakfast (Luchi, Aloo-r-dom, and Rosogolla) time we had a chat with Mr. Abdus and a person from my place who is also the owner of the only nursery at my place. We saw how much the man Abdus attached to these trees and the project. We explored some more places. As Sun was coming out, my wife dropped the plan to visit to Ajoy River-Bank.




We returned to our cottage, got fresh and then sat outside the cottage for almost 2 hours. We were feeling so relaxed and also the smooth greenery around us provided our eye’s immense pleasure.





In Between we found the other groups who were there in the other cottages from 10th but we saw them for the first time. They were leaving for their destination. We also planned to leave and had our lunch in some dhaba, but in morning, we saw how they were catching the fish and immediately we changed our mind.




At around 11:30 AM, Budhya came and asked me to fill up the feedback book. With all good feedbacks, my only complain was privacy of the cottage from the out-side visitors. Also I requested them to do some finishing work in the cottage. Budhya told us they will make the dinning two storied with wood. Also they are planning to build up some amusement for the kids, some more cottages.


Mr. Abdus and Mr. Sailen (the other person I mentioned earlier) were very upset with the next generation (to be particular with our generation) as none of their children have the passion to maintain this place. It is really tough to maintain such a place without passion. Mr. Abdus has not only planted various kinds of trees but also designed them to make it beautiful. From cutting the tree to give a nice shape to plant them in a planned orientation so that photographer should always love it.




It was 1:30 PM noon, we were clearing our dues to return back to the jungle of concrete, and Mr. Abdus was still busy with some “gacher pora dal”and“kichu Sabuj pata with there “sikor”. From the morning onwards he was doing some beautification of the dining place around the pond with all these so that we feel more natural at time of our delicious plates.




At this time, I felt pleased that a dedicated person like him at least rang back me. I don’t know how long he continued as I need to left for Kolkata to avoid driving the jungle area after sun-set.






We left the place at around 2:15 PM. At Burdwan, my horn was not working, I checked the battery and it was working fine. After Gurap, It was again working. My wife told me as I was using the horn too much (I had no other option as this time I was driving 140-150 Km/Hr), there must be some heating affect or something like that, due to which horn was not working. I neglected her view very carelessly. But next morning the driver of my office bus told me the same was reason. I felt very sorry for my last day’s activity.


It took me 3 hours to cover this 190 KM (approx) and we were back in the concrete jungle. My wife was very upset with me as I drove back so early here.


Sobujbon, which means a green forest in English, is totally different from the tourist places you come across. The green resort does not have a charter like other tour spots, like get up in the morning for sunrise, see some places around or do some activities like your predecessor. Forget you’re all routines in Sobujbon, be a mad king of greens for the days you are staying there and do whatever you want. Although you are the king of this green place you have to adhere to one thing, the meal timings, there are no options available to fill in your stomach if you miss the meal times. Alternately, get the food carried to your cottage, especially in night. The dining area is quite large walking distance from the cottages and to maintain the charms of this place room service is not available, barring tea, coffee and cold drinks. You have to reach the Bamboo and wood made dining place by walking every time for the meals.

Exotic Plants, which had been found in this tropical green reserve, are

The eco-friendly resort is made up with only eco-friendly materials. Only little bit of cement and ceramic tiles have been used to make up the toilets only. With no concrete and full of soil to preserve the ecosystem is a noble venture of this resort. Since most of the things are made from the natural resources it poses some threats with its doors and windows – doors and windows scale up and down as per the seasons making it difficult to close it properly.

The entire eco-forest which is spread across 100 acres really need a passion to maintain this man made forest. Mr. Abdus and Mr. Sailen have passion to maintain this beautiful garden. 80% of the area of the resort has plantation and 20% water bodies.


AC 3-bed Cottage (1)      : 1000/-

Double-bed Cottage (2)                : 700/- (each)

Double-bed Cottage (4) [Two rooms are adjacent, i.e., under same roof]              : 700/- (each)

Four-bed Cottage (4) [Two rooms are adjacent, i.e., under same roof]   : 1000/- (each)

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