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Paren is around 50 KM from New Mal Junction and 100 KM from NJP Railway station. One have to pass through beautiful Chalsa Garden, Chapramari Forest, Jhallong to reach Paren from New Mal Junction. From NJP take the road to Damdim and then to Malbazar and Chalsa to reach Paren.
The rocky hill streams, sky-scraping lash green forests, terraced farming, wild orchids and flowers describe this small hill hamlet. The road to Paren and up to Bindu is a visual pleasure with emerald green vegetation. There is almost nothing do in this hilly terrain other than enjoying nature and that can be done by walking or trekking in the nearby villages and forests. The virgin and fresh aroma of plants will refresh your body with new energy.
The rich vegetation of Paren includes Orange, Cardamom and many medicinal plants. You many find strawberry plantations in few places.
From Paren another 10 KM road takes one to the last village of India, Bindu in India Bhutan border. The elegent beauty of forests while going from paren to Bindu is visual pleasure. Bindu is the point where the Jaldhaka River enters India and goes for few kilometres along with Bhutan Border till Samsing. The mammoth rocks on the Bindu dam riverbed is a must climb.
Trekking to Neora Valley National park can be started from paren.

How to Reach Paren:-

The nearest airport is Bagdogra, 105 KM from Paren.
Form Siliguri you can take the road through Sevok to reach Damdim and Malbazar. Bolero fare: - NJP to Paren – 3000-3500/- INR, Daily reserve fare – 2500-3500/- INR depending on the season and road conditions.
You can take the following trains from Howrah to New Mal Junction Station. Paren is only 50 KM from New Mal Junction Railway Station. You can hire private vehicle to reach Paren.

There are one two buses ply between Bindu and Siliguri and but they are very irregular. Trekker service is available from Siliguri to Bindu.
There are no much choices in Paren to stay. WBFDC cottages are one of the best place to stay. There are few private run homestay offers very homely food and accommodation.
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Mainly Nepalese, Chinese, Bengali food is available abundantly. You must try out the local delicacy of Nepali food and farm fresh organic vegetables. Homestays offer four times food (Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snacks and Dinner) at a price of 500/- 600/- per person per day. Chicken dishes are to be ordered in advance. Taste Momos with hot chutney (sauce), curry made out of Squash or Squash plants.
This all-weather tourist spot can be visited anytime throughout the year. In monsoon landslide may occur and may block the path which may intermittently. The valley is very chilly during winter as some of the higher parts of the valley receives heavy snowfall. Not recommended in monsoon due to landslides.
1. Spellbound Beauty of Paren Forest 
2. Flora and Fauna 
3. Bird Watching
4. Trekking 
5. Forest Walk
6. Bindu Dam
8. Convergence of Jaldhaka and Bindu
9. Gairibas Diascorrea Plantationg
10. Jaldhaka Hydra Project
1. Jhallong 
2. Jaldhaka 
3. Bindu 
4. Suntaleykhola 
5. Rockey Island 
6. Today 
7. Tangta 

One Health Centre and medicine shop is available in Chalsa. Please carry your own medicines.

Only one nationalized bank ATM available in Chalsa. It is advisable to carry cash.

Good woollen in winter.

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