Sobujbon, a carefully crafted green forest created out of passion

Sobujbon, which means a green forest in English, is totally different from the tourist places you come across. The green resort does not have a charter like other tour spots, like get up in the morning for sunrise, see some places around or do some activities like your predecessor. Forget you’re all routines in Sobujbon, be a mad king of greens for the days you are staying there and do whatever you want. Although you are the king of this green place you have to adhere to one thing, the meal timings, there are no options available to fill in your stomach if you miss the meal times. Alternately, get the food carried to your cottage, especially in night. The dining area is quite large walking distance from the cottages and to maintain the charms of this place room service is not available, barring tea, coffee and cold drinks. You have to reach the Bamboo and wood made dining place by walking every time for the meals.

Exotic Plants, which had been found in this tropical green reserve, are maintained superbly to give you a visual pleasure of the place. 

The eco-friendly resort is made up with only eco-friendly materials. Only little bit of cement and ceramic tiles have been used to make up the toilets only. With no concrete and full of soil to preserve the ecosystem is a noble venture of this resort. Since most of the things are made from the natural resources it poses some threats with its doors and windows – doors and windows scale up and down as per the seasons making it difficult to close it properly.

The entire eco-forest which is spread across 100 acres really need a passion to maintain this man made forest. Mr. Abdus and Mr. Sailen have passion to maintain this beautiful garden. 80% of the area of the resort has plantation and 20% have water bodies. 

Kankalitala, regarded as one of the Shakti pith in Birbhum district on Bolpur Lubpur Road, is just 10 KM from Sobujbon. The waist (which is called Kankal in Bengali) of Sati has fallen in this place as a result and sequences of Daksha Yagna. This place has several temples of Maa Kali and Lord Shiva. The cremation ground is located on the bank of Kopai River.

Bolpur Santinekatan, rich with the modern culture of West Bengal and Head-Quarters of Vishwa Bharti University is a world famous place. Need not to write much about this this place, many scholars around the world written volumes of books on Vishwa Bharti. Just 12 KM distance form Sobujbon.

Deul, around 40 KM from here contains the cultural ruins of West Bengal. It is believed that Deul and surroundings were culturally very rich during 15th to 17th century. The medieval Kabyas (literature) of DharmamangalManasamangalAnadimangal etc. were the richest cultural heritage of Rurh Bangladepicted in poems by various poets like  Rupram Chakrabarty (17th century) and Ghanaram Chakrabarty (17th-18th century) were raised in and around Deul and Senbhum, the kingdom of Sena Dynasty. The most imminent poet is Ghanaram Chakrabarty. Walk in the Deul forest to discover a poet in you. This region was famous for Ichhai Ghosh who had ruled this place for 30 years with good governance.

Durgapur, another 20 KM from Deul, and 60 KM from Sobujbon is a clean and clear city of West Bengal houses all modern facilities of a metro city. A survey said that Durgapur is a better place to stay in west Bengal with respect to Kolkata and other cities. The city is marching ahead with the time and developed much faster with a true cosmopolitan culture. Enjoy Durgapur for the quality of its own.


How to Reach Sobujbon :-

The nearest Airport is Kolkata.
160 Km from Kolkata. Drive in Durgapur Expressway till you reach Burdwan. After crossing Burdwan look for the intersection of Burdwan bye-pass and take a U tern of old GT road. Drive for 5 KM and look for Hazrat Pir Musa Baba Mazar. After Mazar the let road to reach up to Bhedia. Cross the Ajay Bridge and drive for 300-400 meters and look for Panchsua road on the right. Drive till Durgapur on this road. You have to take right from Durgapur to reach Sobujbon.
You can take the following trains from Howrah and reach Bolpur Santiniketan station. You have to hire private taxi to reach Sobujbon resort.

Train Schedule

We do not recommend to go to Bolpur from Kolkata. No Direct bus service is available to Bolpur. You have to come to Burdwan and change bus for Bolpur or drop down at Panagarh More (Intersection) to change bus for Bolpur. You have a hire a taxi to reach Sobujbpn.
There are 2 and 4 bedroom Eco Cottages for stay. The Cottages are located in splash green atmosphere offorest. The walking distance of the Ajay River is just 1 minute from the Resort. The resort has 3 spacious double bed rooms and 5 four bed rooms. For online reservation of rooms Book Your Room
Only Bengali Thali. The guest house does not have a bar, if you are a drinker it is recommended to buy it from Bolpur.
This all-weather spot can be visited anytime during the year. Avoid the summer season.
1.Sunrise and Sunset by the riverside 
2.Walk along the green Sobujbon 
3.Relax and enjoy at the resort 
4. Visit Bolpur Santiniketan 
5.Kankalitala Temple
1. Bolpur
2. Santiniketan
2. Durgapur 

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