Susunia Hills stands at an altitude of 1800 feet is the adobe of lash green tropical forest

Susunia Hill is located in Chatna subdivision of Bankura district of West Bengal. The lash green hill is famous for rich flora, fauna and medicinal plants. The holy spring at the foot of the hill, which is rich with minerals is a source of water for the surrounding villages. Susunia hill is one of the well-known fossil and archaeological site, fossils of Lions, Hyena, Giraffe and other wild animals has been found around this hill. The holy spring water comes out from an ancient carved monolith stone structure known as Narshima Stone 

Susunia Hill is also a famous site for novice mountaineers. Rock climbing and camping is organised in the winter season. Many famous mountaineers started their journey from this twin hillocks. .

The Gandeshwari River flows down the Susunia Hill and one of the tributaries of the Darakseshwar River. Although the river looks like a small stream in other season but it gets full brimmed during monsoon.

The history of Susunia can be traced back to 4th century. The Stone inscriptions of King Chandravarman is found in the Susunia Hill, referring the place was ancient Pushkarana which is modern day Pakhanna. It is also believed that King Chandravarman had built a fort here but ruins could not be traced out. Susunia is an important archaeological site in Bankura district yielding Stone Age tools.

Susunia village itself is the house of many award winner master craftsmen of exquisite stone-carving. The works of those artisans can be seen at many makeshift handicraft stalls near the holy spring. You can buy some crafts carved out of white and black stone in the handicrafts stalls. Netkamla and Bindhyajam are the villages near Susunia which houses the famous Dokra art craftsman. Bankura district itself is famous for world famous Terakota art.

How to Reach Susunia Hills:-

The nearest airport is Kolkata, although Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport in Durgapur is operational but full fazed operation will start in few months.
Drive in Durgapur Expressway till you reach Punjabi more before Raniganj. Take a left turn and cross Mejia Bridge and continue in Mejia Kushthalia road till you reach Susunia. Alternately you can drive up to Durgapur, cross Durgapur barrage and drive till Barjora and then to Maliara. From Maliara drive till Durlavpur Power Station to reach Mejia Kushthalia road. Another option is to drive till Dankuni and take the Arambagh Road. Cross Kotulpur, Joypur to reach Bishnupur bye pass. Take the road towards Bankura and take Chhatna road from Bankura. Susunia hill is only 10 KM from Chhatna.

You can take the following trains from Howrah to Chhatna Station. Susunia Hill is only 10 KM from Chhatna Station. You can hire private vehicle to reach Susunia.

Train Schedule

No direct bus is available from Kolkata to Susunia. Regular buses ply from Durgapur, Kharagpur and Bankura to Susunia.
There are few Hotels and Resort offers decent A/C and Non A/C accommodation in Susunia. The forest department has one resort on the hill itself, this resort has 2 double bed A/C cottages, 2 double bed non A/C cottages and 2 four bed Non A/C rooms. The forest department resort does not have any canteen or dining facility. The best option to stay in Murut Baha Eco Park adjacent to forest department cottages, has deluxe Non A/C and A/C cottages with double bed and four bed options. The restaurant in Murut Baha Eco Park also offers Bengali, North Indian, South Indian and Chinese dishes.   For online reservation of rooms Book Your Room
Mainly Bengali food is available abundantly. However few food joints offer North Indian, South Indian and Chinese dish. You must try out the local delicacy, "Sabji" (Curry) made from Pumpkin and "Postor Bora" (Preparation made from grinded poppy seeds).
This all-weather tourist spot can be visited anytime throughout the year. Due to Tropical weather summer is extreme hot and winter is chilly. In autumn the hill becomes colourful and looks lash green after monsoon.
1.Walk to reach top of the hill 
2.Forth Century inscriptions by King Chandravarman 
3.Holy Spring 
4.Gardeshwari River bank 
6.Watch local craftsman carving out stone

1.Bankura City
2.Bishnupur Heritage City 
2.Biharinath Hill 
2.Amarkanan and Koro Hill 
3.Mukutmanipur Dam 

There are no Hospital in Susunia, only private doctor is available. One chemist shop near the bus stand has general medicines.

Only one nationalized bank ATM Available. It is advisable to carry cash.

Light woolen in summer, heavy woolen in winter.

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