The south and some parts eastern territory of west Bengal is surrounded by Bay of Bengal, the biggest bay of the world. The entire sea shore is dotted with casuarina trees, which makes the beach more than a perfect destination. The pleasant high waves are eye smoothers. Read More


The diversified natural beauties of Bengal attracts tourists all over the globe. Desnse forests, Dams, Mountains, Rivers, Streams and Falls, Plains make up this land perfect for all kinds of tour, let it be a family vacation or an adventure trip.
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Mountains The entire northern part of West Bengal is guarded by the Giriraj (King of mountains) Himalayas. Wild orchids, dark forests and virgin places can be explored for wild natural beauties. Most of the higher altitude points are yet to be discovered. Read More


Heritage The heritage rich Bengal has the ruins of as early as 1500 BC. The structures which are standing tall today has a mixed combination of Aryan, Islamic, Terrakota and Colonial. Many ruins of Terrakota, which is considered original archeological wonders on Bengal is a must see. Read More


Bengal had always been rich with its culture. Each district has its own original flock distinct from each other. Like Chow Dance (dance with big masks and big drum) of Purulia, Baul song of Birbhum and Gaurya Nirtya (A form of dance) are few to name. Read More


Although the main religion of West Bengal is Hindu (72.5%), there co exists other religions too. The Hindus basically represent two communities. One is Shakta, who worship the various from of Durga and Kali. The other is Vaishnav, who believe in Lord Krishna. Read More

Bangal's Most Popular Destinations

The most marvelous beach on the shore of Bay of Bengal. The golden sandy sea beach is so romantic that it kisses the horizon to propose its love.

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Murshidabad, A heritage rich city of West Bengal shows the traces of pre historic era 1500 BC. Nawab of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa glorified the city.

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Garpanchkot is nested in fresh green woods of the hill of Panchkot. This place can be ideal tourist spot away from city life where crippling birds sing.

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Ichhe Gaon, is located at an altitude of 5800 feet in the hills of Kalimpong, district Darjeeling of West Bengal. This marvelous hill top offers a spectacular view of Mount Kanchanjangha.

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