Garpanchkot name evolved from the gar or garh (fort) of the king of Kashipur, who constructed a garh and a temple in this hill. The hight of the Panchkot hill (also called Panchet hill) is around 2000 feet.  The Panchet hill is dotted with tropical trees and looks lash green in rainy season. Below the hill flows the Damodar River. Natural splendor of woods and hills with fresh air makes the place an ideal weekend destination. Walk along the forest of Sal (Shorea robusta), Tamal, Sonajhuri (Acacia auriculiformis), Palas(Butea monosperma) – the aroma of the flowers and leaves will refresh you.
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Sobujbon, which means a green forest in English, is totally different from the tourist places you come across. The green resort does not have a charter like other tour spots, like get up in the morning for sunrise, see some places around or do some activities like your predecessor. Forget you’re all routines in Sobujbon, be a mad king of greens for the days you are staying there and do whatever you want. Although you are the king of this green place you have to adhere to one thing, the meal timings, there are no options available to fill in your stomach if you miss the meal times.

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Joypur forest is thickly forest stippled with skyscraping SalPalashKusumMahuaNeem and Teak trees, which does not allow the daring sunlight to touch the bottom at some places. Staying in an exceedingly dense jungle with noticed deer herds crossing the lush forest-path every now and then – if this excites you then choose Joypur forest as your next weekend destination. Bankura District, which forms a locality of the eastern Chhota Nagpurhighland, has been adorned naturally with her own hands. There are old brown hills, gleaming rivers, many ancient temples and monuments which are the repositories of the culture and tradition of Bankura. Read More
Looking for a vacation in the lap of nature which can refresh your mind and soul with new energy. Then Baranti is a must visit place for you. A small Santhal tribal village surrounded with splash green forest, a big natural lake and few elegant hills. The paradise on this earth have different colours in different seasons. The hills are crowned with green and dark green during rainy season, slightly grey during winter and dotted with fiery red during autumn. The fiery red colour comes from the fully blossomed Palas Tree , a source for natural red colour.

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Maithon, be a census city in Dhanbad district within the Indian state of Jharkhand. It's placed on the banks of river Barakar.The name has been derived from Maithan or Mai-Ka-Than (Hindi) or Ma-Er-Than (Bengali), the "than" being associate apa-bhransha or an area pronunciation of Sanskrit/Bengali "Sthan" for "place". The place of Mai or Ma or mother, refers to Goddes Hindu deity or Ma Kalyaneswari of the known Kalyaneswari temple nearby.

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